Passenger elevator

and comfort

Create your own cabin interior style or choose a ready-made solution thanks to a variety of finishes.

Passengers will appreciate the speed and comfort of the trip.

The continuity and durability of the solutions will reduce the cost of general maintenance of the building.

Reliable service support will ensure the stable operation of the elevator and reduce the number of negative feedbacks from tenants or guests.

Individual Approach
Individual Approach
Efficiency & accuracy
Efficiency & accuracy
Reliability & Safety
Reliability & Safety
Model 2.0
Reliability <br> and comfort
Elevators for any industry
that unites
not only floors

We create the best catalog on the market for simple, aesthetic, and nonstop operation elevators, emphasizing the uniqueness of each building.

AMG elevator offers passenger elevator systems with small engine rooms, elevator without a machine room, high-speed elevators, sightseeing elevators, cargo elevators, medical elevators, and household elevators, with a capacity of 250 kg to 1600 kg, with a top speed of 2.5 m/s.

Thanks to a variety of options and ready-made solutions, one can create any style of interior.

Model 5.0
Design <br> that unites <br> not only floors
Passenger: 6-14
Capacity: 250-1600 кг
Max travel height: 120м
Max floors: 32
Speed, m/s: 0.4-2.5
Machine room/MAchine roomless
Complex solutionCreate any interior style with many options or choose a ready-made solution.
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Increase space
Increase space
Expand the space with mirrors. Add depths with a pattern of flooring, create a mood with harmonious combinations of panels of walls and doors.
Add comfort and personality
Add comfort and personality
Create the necessary elevator atmosphere through lighting: bright, muted, absent-minded or pointy, warm, or invigorating – bright.

Residential sector

Business centers

Shopping malls

Medical facilities

Government agencies



Machine room elevator
Machine room elevator

The AMG Elevator production line includes a range of passenger elevators with an machine room.

Time proved technical concept provides for the placement of the main drive in a separate room above the mine, proviede the reliability of operation and ease of maintenance.

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Machine roomless elevator
Machine roomless elevator

Passenger elevator without a machine room – an innovative technical solution, with the installation as a drive of a compact elevator car without a reduction winch. Additional room can be opt out to install a volumetric main drive with a gearbox.

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