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Make your elevator the safest space possible. Today this is especially important

Dozens or even hundreds of people use the elevator every day. There is no free air circulation inside the cabin. Batteries and dust enter both from the mine during transportation and from the outside during boarding/disembarking of passengers. The risk of viral infections is complicated by the current situation. Thus, the elevator becomes a high-risk area for the spread of viruses and bacteria.

AMG elevator offer the quickly solution. It can safely, effectively disinfects the air inside the elevator car, and perfectly complements the existing cleaning regime in maintaining a clean and safe environment.


Air supply – standard function.


Eliminates PM2.5 – dust removal and air cleaning.


It destroys viruses and bacteria (including coronavirus, influenza virus and Staphylococcus albus) thanks to UV radiation.


Unpleasant odors elimination thanks for air circulation.


A fully enclosed UV photocatalyst prevents UV leakage and destroys over 99% of the virus and bacteria.


The double filter automatically removes dust and other harmful particles, so you can enjoy clean and fresh air.


A universal retrofit device can be installed in any existing elevator.


Does not violate the concept of the interior: a silent and without vibration device is installed on the roof of the cabin (outside).


Connect the adapter and ACUF via cable to the 220V power supply. The start button is located on the top panel of the device.

Start can be carried out using both the button on the elevator control panel or by starting through the IOT platform to start/disconnect several devices in several elevators by pressing one button. Remote maintenance reduces system management and maintenance costs.


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