Machine roomless elevators

Machine roomless elevators
Machine roomless elevators

Passenger elevator without a machine room – an innovative technical solution, with the installation as a drive of a compact elevator car without a reduction winch. Additional room can be opt out to install a volumetric main drive with a gearbox.

Located inside the elevator shaft the equipment saves the space for installing and provides the option free designing the elevator shaft and the whole building.

Design features with fewer movers offer a number of advantages.

Building types
Residential, administrative and commercial establishments, industrial sites, as well as in buildings of an earlier construction period.
Capacity 2000 kg
Max speed 2,5 m/s
Min pit depth 0 мм
Min overhead 3120 мм
Lower total cost of ownership
Simplified installation, saving time and material costs during the installation phase
Lower cost of periodic service
Improved reliability
Environmental and energy efficiency
Lower level of noise and vibrations

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